Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Grillz

North & South: Book II: Disc 1 (1986). Once again, not rating until I see all of Book 2.

Dawson's Creek: Season 4: Disc 4 (2000). It's taken me four seasons to realize it, but these teens know way too many vocabulary words for their age. Alternatively, I was a dumb teen from Oklahoma. Where we say y'all and relate easily to the Jeff Foxworthy redneck words.

A tale of two dorks:

-I went with my best friend* to a cell phone store to help with the selection of a new phone. BF's mind was not made up when we left, but BF did spend a long time looking at a particular Blackberry. A few hours later BF said, "Yeah, I think I will go with that Blueberry one we saw." I promptly laughed and corrected BF. We are NOT old enough to make mistakes like that yet. Right?

-Tonight Doug and I made hamburgers on my George Foreman Grill. I've owned the grill for nearly 3.5 years. Midway through the cooking process, I lifted up the lid so that I could flip the burgers. Doug gazed over with his familiar "man of the kitchen" look and said, "Umm...why are you going to flip them? Doesn't the top get hot, too?" [Ahhh....crap-ola. Someone else asked me that very question within the last few months. Maybe they're right.] Minutes later, I whipped out my George Foreman Grill User Guide and whaddaya know. The top does, indeed, get hot. No need to flip. I feel like such an idiot.

In other news/oddities:

*I mistakenly went to the wrong bookmark page and ended up ast Blockbuster. And signed up for their mail service again. I couldn't resist. It's something of a bizarre habit just wanting to have movies shipped to me. Someone needs to force me to cancel this account around this time next month. No, seriously.

*Have you ever used the original Nair? You know how it leaves a funny smell on your fingers for a few days? My fingers smell nearly identical to that. Except I haven't touched Nair in the last few years. And my Rub*A*Way isn't taking the smell out of my fingers. I have no idea what I could have touched in the last 24 hours that smells like this.

*It's not like you read this butjust in case you do, forgive me for blogging it. It was that hilarious to me.


Kelly said...

I understand about the George Foreman grill. I always flip. I feel like it won't cook evenly if I don't.

Rachel said... least I'm not the only one.

giselle said...

I don't get it. The whole point is to not have to flip. Why else would it have a top part?

Blueberry hahahaha.

Weird about your nair fingers.

Rachel said...

The top part of the grill. What DID I think it was for? I have no idea. That's why I feel SO dumb!

ET said...

Yes, and the little lip overhang part of the grill (where the grease can run off) ALSO gets hot. I know this because I once went to grab the grill and burned the ever loving sh*t out of myself. I haven't used a George Foreman grill since.

Rachel said...

I have learned that the lip on the grill gets hot, as well. Although I was lucky enough for it not to have been completely warmed up.

Amanda Z said...

LOL @ flipping burgers on the GF grill. That's like something out of a stand-up routine.