Friday, May 18, 2007


Doug, sometime during the mini-(honey) moon (a.k.a wedding night): "Things have gone a little too smoothly. I'm not sure what exactly but something will happen in the next few days that will be not so good."

I told him to stop jinxing us and we went about our evening.

I always try to be proactive, expect the unexpected, and roll with what is thrown my way, but I surely did not but expect our marriage license would get lost in the mail somewhere on its way from the preacher's hands to the court clerk. Can't a girl catch a break? Geez!

There aren't huge consequences to not having our marriage license just yet. It's just more annying than anything.

Things I can't do:

*Update my name with Social Security
*Update my name with the DMV
*Open up joint accounts with my new name on it
*Change name with my bank
*Change name with credit cards
*Change name with all other utility accounts
*Put Doug on my lease (and because of this)-
*Doug cannot update his address with the DMV
*Open up an online savings account

I was told that we can go get another print out of the license and walk it through through the system. Which is super convenient seeing as how Doug will be gone ALL summer long in Norman for summer school at OU, Giselle (maid-of-honor/witness) has a work schedule that doesn't lend itself to being available when Doug is available to go to the courthouse and sign, I prefer to use my vacation time in other ways, and the preacher's business hours are M-F 10-4.

Thus, I might be Rachel Harden for a while longer than expected.

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giselle said...

:( I'm sorry.

Maybe it'll show up this week. :(

Let me know what I can do to help.