Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Honeymoon Memory

This is one of those things that if I don't write down, I might lose the memory forever:

Before we left on the honeymoon, Doug told me "I don't mind walking quite a bit in San Francisco."

If one tells me these things, I plan accordingly.

May 28th:

We spent the day at Alcatraz, then Fisherman's Wharf, and we were now at Ghirardelli Square, sharing the world's best hot fudge sundae-$6.95, worth it. We were exhausted even though the time was only 18:00. I looked at the map and said to Doug, "ya know, Lombard Street is only 4 blocks away...Wanna go?"

"Just 4 blocks? Are you sure?"


What I failed to tell him was that those 4 blocks were at a 200 million degree incline like this:

05-28-2007 San Francisco Hyde @ Chestnut A

Moments after I took this picture, Doug breathlessly told me, "When I said...I would walk around San Francisco...I didn't know it had all these hills."

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