Tuesday, June 12, 2007

And now the honeymoon is officially over

Because I Said So (2007) = 6.5/10. It was super cute in some parts, super scary in others. The fact that the sisters commonly discuss the details of their partner's bits with their MOTHER disturbed me. Is that common? Do you girls out there talk about your hubby's/boyfriend's/one-night stand's penis with your mommy?

Maxed Out (2006) = 8/10. A good look at the human side of the credit card industry. I'm done with them. Err...WE, that is.

The Office: Season 1 (2005). WAY better than the British version. Especially since I understand the references in this one.

Hollywood Homicide (2003) = 2.5/10. Super boring. Even Doug could barely make it through the first hour.

Yes, we're back. Yes, I had a fantastic time. Yes, I am currently in the process of posting all of the pictures. They will be posted here and I'm done when the total picture count is close to 270. You know me, I have to tag and geotag what I can. And no, I'm not knocked up, but thanks for asking. That is the subject for the next post.

Worst honeymoon memory:

Me (to Doug): You know, come to think of it, I don't think I have ever been pooped on by a bird. How lucky am I?!

And the very next day while walking down the gigantic hill at Alcatraz, which also happens to be a nesting ground for birds, I ate my words. It wasn't even one nicely formed birdie dump lump but rather a splatter all on my black jacket and hair.

I shipped off the husband June 2nd to summer school in Norman. I get to see him only on the weekends until the very last of July. I had no idea how lonely the apartment would be after barely a month of marriage. Nor did I plan for the boredom that follows after the wedding dust settled. The last half-year of my life has been spent planning a wedding. And now I have no big deadline or project in the works. Well, unless you count renaming the ID3 tags on my 3200+ songs for the iPod. Idle hands naturally led me start the dreaded summer cleaning. I'm doing it right this time- actually going through ALL of my stuff, pricing unwanted items for a late summer yard sale, throwing away things, organizing the things we have accumulated in life. And in a big plastic box in my closet I found pictures from a few years back (2001-2003). All I could think each and every time I flipped to the next page was, "holy moly, I look super fat in this pic. And even fatter in this one."

Not that I'm skinny now, but I had no idea how different I looked just a few short years ago. It makes me wonder about those last 15 vanity pounds...

Despite warnings from a all of my married friends (who are mostly childless), this has really not been the most difficult month of my life. Far from it. In fact, medical issues not included, it's been the best! Then again, I'm not 18 like some of them were during their first month of marriage.


Amanda Z said...

I watched Maxed Out. The part with the old lady saying she'd considered suicide but her son had done it and she didn't think she could make it look like an accident and she's like breaking down tlaking about how she's losing everything... It made me so sad for her.

I have one credit card which doesn't carry a balance. Aaron has one. That is it for us. I learned my lesson in my college years.

Glad you've been enjoying the married life so much! I know what you mean about the post-wedding boredom. Aaron's sister cried on her wedding night because it was all over. I will probably be the same way. At least the timing on ours will help-- when we get back from the honeymoon it will be those busy holiday months at the end of the year.

P.S. I am totally stealing your reserved-seating cards with names idea.

Rachel said...

I cried when that old lady talked about committing suicide over being in debt. So sad.

I might have cried on my wedding night with the post-wedding planning let-down if only I had longer than 4.5 months to plan. As it was, the planning was more like ripping off a band-aid. Busy for a short amount of time.

You can totally use whatever idea you would like from my wedding. I got those reserved cards at Garden Ridge.

Brad said...

Credit Cards are good if you pay off your monthly balance. Cash-back/rewards/benefits/float. I have yet to pay a finance fee.. However, they're paying me for using the card.
Ex: I bought a couple airline tickets over a month ago... won't get the bill for a couple more weeks... no interest. Cost of ticks: $824.. Cash back, 1% (3% on auto expenses).. Then there's the interest my money is earning before the bill is due.