Monday, September 03, 2007

Cable is Cool

Before I start, I know I'm perpetually 3-5 years behind everyone else.

So we got cable last month: the works, like, $93/month cable. And it comes with a bunch of On Demand stuff that I'll rarely watch. Doug and I were watching something and I mention to him that there were some potentially interesting things on the Oxygen On Demand. I not only wanted to impress him with the knowledge I've been rooting around on the TV some, but had also been scouting out things he shouldn't know about. I mean, what self-respecting man would have any recall of what was on the Oxygen Network? My husband, apparently, as he said, "Oh yeah, I know. Is it that sex lady Sue Johanson?"

My mission to impress: DENIED!

But then he had to rub it in. "Ooohhh, there IS this one thing on there you might really like. It's like short promotional stuff for the DVD version of those Scene It? games."

Trivia? Game? Sounds like a perfect way to pass the time between dinner and gym!

So, we played three versions: Music, Disney, and Friends. He annihilated me on ALL THREE. Something is very, very wrong about that.

Anyway, one of the few times he didn't just kill me on a question was this one:

You were supposed to guess the name of the artist. It started off with that cover only it was shaded and it got clearer as time passed. 1/2 way through it, when it was OBVIOUS who it WASN'T, Doug said "oh, that's Britney Spears."

I gently said, "no, that's Beyonce."

"Well, they look a lot alike."

"Babe, Beyonce is black."

"Oh. Well, whatever."


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