Friday, September 14, 2007


High School Musical (2006) = 5/10. I had to see what the hullabaloo was all about. I'm torn on this one, though. On one hand, this movie has made musicals cool to a younger generation, a majority of whom have probably never seen a real musical or anything on a real stage. And I'm sure many kids/teens are educating themselves on musicals and the like as a result now. But on the OTHER hand, ALL of the teachers were portrayed as idiot caricatures. That really bothers me. Shame on you for that, Disney. I've only had one teacher who was just as idiotic as the teachers in this movie and I was IN COLLEGE at the time.

This past weekend Doug and I drove to the OU campus to pick up a trumpet he is trying to sell and exchange for huge fancy TV. On the drive back, I suggested we stop by Pops. Why not? It wasn't really out of our way and I was excited about the prospect of trying Ski for the first time since I was eight. Had I read the web page a little closer, I would have discovered it was basically a convenience store with a cool building way more refrigerators for sodas. And no Ski. I could have looked up that fact they didn't carry Ski, too. We estimated about 40% of the sodas there were available to purchase elsewhere, namely Jones Soda Company and Stewart's. It's not that I wasn't impressed, I just wasn't expecting the place to have gas pumps. AND I didn't get to take my picture with the ginormous soda bottle out front because Doug didn't want to take my picture. *sigh*

And in my "YAY! BOO!" news for the week:


I finally saw my mentee last night after a quiet 5 months. It wasn't my fault. We (case manager and myself) honestly had no clue where she was.


I got an email from the mentoring program telling me that they have lost their federal grants. Upon further conversation, the program will be gone within a month or so unless some Jesus-like action happens stat. This program was started under one of Bush's "Faith-Based Initiative" thingies three years ago. And although I am against using tax money to fund religious organizations, I am completely FOR helping kids who were dealt a horrible card in life. And by horrible card, I mean mommy or daddy is or was in jail. But if you think about it, closing the program is really just brilliant! We're totally teaching resilience, right? I mean, right about the time the kid starts to think that not all adults up and leave him or her--YANK! Way to go, Bush!

I'm being slightly over dramatic because at this point I don't know if the program is over or not. If it does go away, I have the option of joining the mega big mentor organization. Or we could just see each other on our own terms and hope I never need liability insurance.

And a positive- unless something goes wrong with the timing, we're applying for passports next month.

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