Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Salt Comedians

Home Room (2002) = 3/10. Slloooowwww.

The Nanny Diaries (2007) = 5.5/10. I mean, I sorta liked it, but it was told in a weird way and the book was WAY better and you got a better sense of how screwed up the Grover was.

Since my last post:

*I saw my first Smart Car in Oklahoma:

09-13-2007 Smarty

The tag appropriately displays "SMARTY."

*Brother Geoff got inducted to National Honor Society (like his brilliant sister before him):

09-25-2007 NHS D

That's his butt receiving the certificate.

*In the grocery store, Doug discovered that apparently Jewish salt miners have a sense of humor:

10-02-2007 Salt

*Because I blogged about getting a passport, circumstances have changed of course. No getting a passport this month because I will not have any leave time at the end of the year to take the working (for Doug) vacation to Chicago.

*I'm officially no longer a Priceline virgin. Doug graciously let me bid on a hotel room for the 1-night stay in St. Louis for the road trip to Chicago. I'd say $48 is a great price for this Hyatt Regency. Especially considering that the Motel 6 (the hotel we ALWAYS used growing up) in the area is $41. I think I'm now addicted to traveling this way!

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