Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm becoming my mother?

I hear these two things often:

"I'm scared I'm becoming my mother"
"That's just like your mother"

I've never been too concerned about this because my mother's not insane and she didn't do awful things to me when I was a kid. I am scared that I'm starting to resemble her in one aspect, though: keys. At some point in my life (I can't remember exactly when) she had like literally 3000 keys on her keychain and I vowed to never do that. With the new addition to the car family, though, here's what I have now on my everyday keychain (not to mention the tons of keys from my family, which includes literally 4 just for their RV thingy):

1. Gate opener
2. Keyless entry for the new addition (as of yet to be named, more on that in a few days)
3. Blockbuster
4. Blue (car)
5. Red (car)
6. New addition (car)
7. Work
8. Mail
9. apartment
10. key to a treasure chest sort of thing

Is this too much? I guess I could put #5 and #10 away, but I use the rest quite frequently. Or should I just make peace with the fact that I'm becoming my mother and be happy with it?

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