Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Armor All/movie madness!

I'm well on my way to meeting my goal. I have 19 movies that are on my to see list on hold at the library. I can't put ALL of the 31 on hold at the same time because most of them will come to the library the next day and I don't want a repeat of what happened last year at this time. Oh, that's right. I never told anyone about what happened last summer because I was so ashamed. When I lived in Houston, both the Harris County Public Library system and the Houston Public Library systems took forever to get you your movies, even if there was no hold on it. Let's forget the fact that Houston is like the 4th largest city in the US. I wanted my movies right then! So when I moved back to Tulsa, I completely forgot that the Tulsa Library has a very effecient system of getting movies that have no holds on them to you within 1-2 days. So, at one point I ended up with like literally 25 DVD movies on the holdshelf for me at Hardesty. Great! Except that you can only check out 5 at a time and keep them for a week. I actually had a librarian call me at home and tell me not to put so many holds on my account. She didn't sound pissed off, but I felt really awful. Oops!

There are 199 days left in the year. That's 28.5 weeks. There are 111 movies on my available to rent list (two more came out yesterday). If I am to see what is on my "available to rent" list as of right now (forget the fact that like 80% of the rest of the movies on the list will be on video in December), then I basically need to see 4 movies per week. Bah! I'll never make it! I mean...I can do it. A few people need to look at my list and force me to watch movies. You three know how I get. Besdies, BK has a way bigger TV and more comfy couch than I do. I figure I will meet this goal by putting all of my Seinfeld, South Park, Chappelle Show, and Will & Grace watching on hold for a bit.

I was seriously thinking about saying how great those Armor All wipes are on here today. I've never had a need for Armor All. My blue car (to be blogged about later when I name my baby car) has always been so crappy/cheap and unclean that the thought of spending $5 on wipes seemed stupid. Anyway, I used a wipe on the new car and it was completely magical! Until I woke up yesterday morning and decided that I seriously have issues with the concept of uniform application. Now part of the car looks greasy and the other part nice and clean. It did, however, get some of the random spooge mark on my dash that came directly from Honda.

The Corporation = 9.5/10. In the very least, it makes you think about things. I didn't really need convincing that corporations only look at the bottom line, though. I think the corporation I work for does more good than harm, though. And they certainly care about employees. What the movie didn't tell me is this: If corporations are bigbadevil, then where do I get my stuff?


ET said...

Well, depends on what stuff you need. If it is electricity and whatnot, you are pretty much screwed until you make enough money to build a "green" home that runs on solar energy with a serious compost facility to dispose of most of your garbage.

That aside, I think you should post this insanely long list of movies for those of us who cannot list 165 movies altogether...regardless of whether we have watched them.

Rachel said...

Post all movies before I've watched them? I think not! I will post them as they come off of the list. If I post the movies before they are watched, someone will read it and convince me why I should never watch [insert name of awful movie here]. By posting how I felt about the movie after it's already watched and off of the list, it is nothing more than an afterthought. Also, by posting how I liked them after I watch them (and spacing a few days apart), it's much more difficult to see the cumulative crappy choices I have made.

Having said that, check your email for the list, ET.

R. U. Serious said...

The closest library to us allows 15 things out at a time, which means my son and I could have 30 items. But, it's such a small library, I don't think I could find 15 things I wanted.

Rachel said...

I meant you're allowed 5 DVD/VHS. The Tulsa Library lets you check out up to 50 books. The fact that I know that is pretty pathetic. Also pathetic is the fact that I have my library card number memorized. But I'm not the only one. :)