Saturday, June 18, 2005

Can't get away with that one!

So, the trailer makes it look craptastical (even with the 2 shots you see of Cameron Diaz's tush), but In Her Shoes is going to be a movie that I see on opening day because of my odd fascination with Jennifer Weiner.

Edward Scissorhands (no, I had NEVER seen it before) = 8/10. Quite clever! It even makes up for The Nightmare Before Christmas. Apparently I'm the only person who didn't love that movie, though.

I am clumsy. Most of the time it doesn't matter because I'm either by myself when I do these things or I'm with someone who knows and expects me to do clumsy things. I usually end up only hurting myself (or my dignity). However, I can think of a few examples of stupid things I've done at work that has either cost the company money or cost me a lot of dignity points. These are especially bad because I pay the bills. So, I'm reminded when I code the bill and then pay it that I could never be Jackie O.

#1: I use the CD drive on my computer about once a month. A few years back I got what I needed off of the CD and took it out to give to the next user in the office. The CD tray was left open. I didn't realize this fact. A few hours later I stretched and got some leg action in with the stretch. I kicked the CD tray and managed to get it stuck. There was no getting it back in. So, I had to go explain to my boss not only that I broke it but how it got broke. He laughed. It's not like this one cost more than $100, but I felt silly.

#2: Every few months some boys will come around selling candles with like Calvary School. It's a type of troubled boys home or something. Since I was living with my parents at the time and my mom is anti-candle (allergies), I bought a smelly cinnamon one. It was wonderful...right up until it exploded when it got to the end of the wick. The glass broke into about 8 pieces and it left a burn mark on the countertop. Here's what it looks like 4 years later:

See that candy dish? Yeah, that's what I put ON the burn mark to cover it up.

#3: It was just Denise and me in the office this entire week. Everyone else was on a business trip. We have an ice machine that has three settings for ice: normal, thick, thin. It's never been on anything but normal since I've worked here. I decided that I would put it on thick one day, thin the next day, then back to normal the third day to see what each thickness of ice was like. On Friday, the ice machine has quit making ice now. All I did was turned the knob, though! Hopefully it will be back up and running on Monday.


Anonymous said...

At this rate, you could become the most expensive employee at your work. But don't think of yourself as clumsy, just prone to accidents.

ET said...


About that house-sitting gig...I have bought you a padded suit...