Saturday, June 11, 2005

I could be measuring your penis

From this Study: Love, Lust Don't Mix, Much article on Discovery Channel there is this paragraph:
The researchers compared the MRI data with earlier studies on male penile girth responses to photographs of women, other studies on how the brains of men and women activate when individuals view people whom they find to be attractive or unattractive, and data on both human and animal couples that have been together for a long time.
Did I sleep through my high school career counselor's speeches or something? I certainly don't remember that being a career option. And how do you explain that at a dinner party? "What do you do for a living?" "Why, I am an official penile girth measurer. I'm only there for the health insurance, though."

Swingers = 6/10 (now I only have two more movies to return to BK)
Ray = 8/10


Mags said...

oh. my. god. ray was ok. but i liked swingers SOOOOOOOOOO much better. vegas,!

Rachel said...

I just didn't get many of the references because I hadn't seen the movie. Like they talked about a scene in Goodfellas and one in Reservoir Dogs. I haven't seen either of those movies.

ET said...

I have resisted seeing Ray, but LT says it is very good. Have not seen Swingers. Why are you compulsorily watching these movies?

As for the girth measurement job, someone somewhere has a grant to study these things...why? We have no idea. But at least it's a job with frequent raises. Hahahahahaha...