Monday, June 20, 2005

Kiddy spit

Nothing odd this weekend really, but here's a recap:

I had one of the most lovely weekends I've had in quite some time. Well, mostly lovely. What made it so great? I did absolutely nothing for the most part, that's what. Friday I spend with D. We did nada. No, wait...we did go to Walgreens to get some pictures developed for my mentee and Bueno (at my request).

Saturday I was going to sleep in until I absolutely had to get out of bed at 4:00 but my mentally challenged (seriously) uncle (who also lacks at least two teeth) called me at 10:00 and left a message that said, "Rachel, I'm over at your dad's house to mow but I cain't find the key to the back gate. Give me a call."

You know WHY you can't find a key? Because you don't HAVE ONE and my dad told you that, idiot! And you were supposed to give me a little notice before you showed up so that I could give you the key. My dad told you this, too. So, I woke up too early on Saturday with a hangover headache (rather, what I would imagine a hangover headache might feel like) and hauled butt over there so that he could mow my dad's yard and get $50 from him and $40 to mow the neighbor's front yard. And what did Rachel get? Just pissed off. But for some reason I feel really small for being upset at a relative who has diminished mental capacities.

So my get-stuff-done plans for Saturday (IF I woke up) were shot because I spent the rest of the day (until the baseball game) on the couch watching a movie and cat napping because I was exhausted and had a headache.

Then, I went to a Drillers baseball game with my mentee and all of the other mentor/mentees. They reserved 80 seats but there was only 40 of us there. So, we all ended up getting two tickets for a free hot dog, chips, and soda. By the third hot dog (I traded chips with the mentee), I had a swarm of 7 kiddos around me. Mainly because I have a digital camera. I have no problem letting the more responsible 11 year old mentee of mine use it. But the 4-6 year olds? Umm...yeah...that's one way to make my butt clench/teeth grind. Give a $400 camera to a 6 year old that likes to throw things. The same six year old eventually got chased by his mentor and ended up with his head on my lap while his mentor was tickling him. I ended up with a wad of wet cotton candy mixed with spit on my leg. The spit spot was about the size of his fist. Ick! During the course of the game with these kids around me, another mentor said to me "Man, you ought to be a teacher or something." I said back to her jokingly, "Yeah, it's almost like I have a degree in it or something." I am 95% sure that I've mentioned to her the fact that I do indeed have a teaching degree, but the look she gave me indicated that she took my response not as I intended it. Oops!

There were fireworks after the game. I still hold my ears at fireworks. I dunno. I thought it was cool that I got to see the men light them up, though. I've always wondered how that worked.

Sunday I went to church and had lunch with D's family again. I like his parents. Then we came to my place and spent the whole rest of the day (until he absolutely had to go back to OKC at 10:15) sittin' on my couch. Talking. Building foundations. And eatin' at Fuddrucker's. Great way to spend a Sunday if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

You may be getting the headaches from staying too long in bed. Also, try "Zout" to remove the cotton candy stains(if any).

Rachel said...

I'm 99% sure it was an "I didn't get enough sleep" headache. And there was no stain except for the one in my mind. Now everytime I wear those jeans I'll think "kiddy spit."

ET said...

Yuck. I am so glad to be done with the "little kid" phase of parenting. On the other hand, I have there is a neverending supply of gross things that need to be cleaned up. Oddly, these never seem to emanate from the Persians and Himi...