Friday, June 10, 2005

Mother, may I?

Lambrusco'z To Go = yummy goodness. It was the first wrap I've ever had. I shall not make fun of them again. Even so, guys still look really gay eating them.

Is anyone else slightly alarmed by this week's Urban Tulsa cover story title: "Where Does Country Music Come From?" Or did MLA change things without my approval again? Not that I profess to be any kind of English grammar expert or anything, but these people do this for a living.

News flash- at 16:20 yesterday I got the urge to tinkle. I needed to go before 4:30 because after that time I would be the left all alone in the office. Someone's gotta answer the phones. So, I head down the hall and I see Scott and Denise (it was just the three of us in here at that time) both on a phone call in Denise's office. I start thinking that it might not be a good idea to step out if they're both in there on a conference-like phone call. What if the phone rang? Who would answer it? So I stuck my head back in there, looked at them and said, "Can I go to the bathroom?" The look I got from Scott can only be described as one of a person who is thinking, "You do rememer that you're not in kinder anymore, right?"

But but but...I was just trying to be nice.

"Eye Candy" from down the hall came in here today (he's been in the office like 4 times in the 3 cumulative years I've been here) and asked me if it was going to rain. I dunno. So we looked at WeatherBug. He saw my Urban Tulsa opened to the restaurant section and asked if I was planning on going out tonight. Yup. Then 2 minutes later he told me what he was doing this weekend and asked if I had any plans. Yup. He left. Co-worker that was in the kitchen came in and said, "Well it's about time he made a move for you." Umm...I don't think that's what he was doing. But if that were the case, he'd about 5 years, 10 packages of floss, and too late. Besides, I don't want to know anything about eye candy. When I found out he was nothing more than a n idiot or a jerk (and come on, really cute guys are usually either one of the two), it would totally destroy the eye-candy concept.


ET said...

Is this the "eye candy" that I am thinking of? Someone affiliated with a particular jewelry store?

Oh, and make sure you tinkle before we go tomorrow! (And it is supposed to RAIN.......)

Rachel said...

Boy, you sure don't leave much room for people to guess, huh? Yes, it's the eye candy you're thinking.

Amanda Z said...

Don't worry, I personally have no idea who you are talking about.

What's wrong with the title in the Urban Tulsa? Is it because they ended the phrase with a preposition?
That's not really so much a big deal in AP Style anymore... I don't know about MLA but AP Style is most likely what Urban Tulsa utilizes.

Rachel said...

See, I knew someone would fill me in on how I was wrong about the title. I was told so often in middle school and/or high school that it was just WRONG to end in a preposition (I do it all of the time, though), so I've been conditioned to look at sentences and cringe when I see it occur.

By the way, I am reading your blog. You just write SO much and I'm very sequential (e.g., I HAD to watch all of SATC, Friends, and Seinfeld in order), so I'm stuck back in December 2003. So you have about one more month to write bad things about me on your current posts and then change them once I get there so I'll never know about it.

ET said...

Who knew Urban Tulsa had a style?

Rachel, I thought eye candy would have moved since they opened a new store. Do they have TWO now? I thought the one in your building closed when the new one opened? And yes, I have all the subtlety of an elephant falling on you. I'm cute like that!

Rachel said...

Eye candy makes it there. There is no public store there any longer.