Friday, July 15, 2005

Ghetto car

I made a major faux pas yesterday evening. I drove straight from work to pick up the mentee for our activity. I called her to tell her I was on my way. Since we were going to be late (activity started at 5:30; I get off work at 5:00; 20 mile trip--you do the math!), I asked her to just come on out to my car. The rest is as it happened:

"And I'm not driving my black car. I'm driving my blue ghetto car; it's way old."

And as soon as I said it, I realized that was not the most appropriate thing to say to A) an 11 year old who B) is black, and C) lives in err...not the best part of Tulsa.

I'm sure sure thought nothing of it judging by her laugh, but I felt awful.

Ohandbytheway, if you're attending an event where there are children, could you please not wear an outfit that shows your midriff? How about trying to keep your dirty white thongs (I swear) IN your pants and not 3 inches ABOVE? It's just not classy. Especially where there are kids. Could you also not go to the other room and talk on your cell phone about how you're "just about done here" (said like, "Ugh! I hate being here!") and how your's going to McNellie's after the event? Why? Well, the general idea here is to set a really good example for these kids all who have at least one parent in jail. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the outfit, thongs, bar conversation, going to a bar in most circumstances, it's just that I think they get enough of that stuff elsewhere. I take it back. That outfit made me want to puke because you're like 30 pounds bigger than I am. And I wouldn't be caught dead with my wobbly bits exposed. You were just disgusting. You looked like a flowery whale wearing white thongs that had been drug through the mud. Nice cleavage, though. Once again, not something I'd show kiddos. That is, if I had cleavage.


LT said...

Have ET tell about her client's "ghetto" moment. At least yours was unintentional. Most people don't even know what the word means, anymore.

BTW, I thought I looked rather fetching in the thong, but oh well.

ET said...

My client's "ghetto" moment to follow privately, upon request.

I love the term "wobbly bits" (I should...I have lots!). LT and I often lament persons who expose midrifs who are a) overweight, b) wearing really tight, low-rise jeans that make them "roll" even if they are a size 2, or c) are like FORTY years old! People please...put it away! And I don't want to know anything about the kind of undergarments people are wearing, so I don't understand why they insist upon exposing them. Let's hope she didn't have that fateful incident after the fact that would cause her to have to show up in a medical facility wearing unclean garmentage. And McNelly's (or however you spell it) is bloody annoying. LT and I go there with classmates after "major semester events" to commisserate. I don't drink there (no beer for me, and they don't do fancy mixed drinks or suchlike) but DAMN do they make a good hamburger!

Rachel said...

You do know that I didn't make up the term "wobbly bits," right? Any sane chick-lit gal will recognize it (from WHERE Amanda Z? That's RIGHT!) from or BJ:TEOR or BJD2.

(Psst...that's this this for you guys)

Unfortunately, I might have accidentally shown a little bit of panties at time. But I do my best to make sure that doesn't happen.

ET said...

I know. "Wobbly bits" is a common British-ism. LT and I, being huge fans of almost everything British (terrorists and bombings not included) learned this term long ago. Hence, I was tickled when you used it.