Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Toilet Brush

America's Heart and Soul = 8/10. I have no idea why I fall head over heels with this type of movie. It's a documentary consisting of short stories of interesting people that live in the USA. All stories very idealistic & most are inspirational. It reminds me a lot of the Golden Dreams movie/attraction at Disneyland California Adventure in that you just feel good/proud about being in the USA. Well, proud to live here and it also made me feel like my life was much too ordinary.

Have you ever talked to someone about something that has never happened before and then shortly thereafter the said event occurs? That's what happened to me. Doug was at my apartment a few weeks back. I was in the bathroom putting mousse in my hair and when I opened lid, I accidentally dropped it into toilet. Needless to say, the lid got trashed and he laughed because I had to go toilet diving. I would have laughed's gross when you have to do it. He asked me about a variety of items and if I would throw them away if they were dropped into the potty. One of those items was a hair brush. At the time I told him I wasn't sure because brushes are washable but that I probably would throw it away. It depended on if it landed bristle side in the water, up or down.

And what happened Monday? I picked up my brush and ran it through my hair that was very tangly from being in a sweaty ponytail (from working out) the previous night. Brush gets tangled in one of my knots and ends up flying out of my hand and, of course, into the toilet. Bristle side up. I decided that this would one have to take one for the team and chucked it into the can.

If only he would have talked to me about a grillion dollars...


ET said...

Unless your toilet is just really disgusting (and I assume you clean're a girl, after all) or you are conserving water by not flushing except for once a day (okay, that's just almost too gross to even post, but I saw a show where they had to do that) then it's JUST WATER! No, it's true! Plain old water in a bowl. But if it's blue or all nasty then go ahead and throw it out.

Fortunately there is a wall separating my counter from the toilet location, so I don't have this problem. But I've wanted to put a little shelf above the "latrine" to hold extra toilet paper and whatnot (we have a cabinet, too, but there is a bunch of free space and we buy in bulk) but I just KNOW the cat -- Greebo in particular -- would knock everything right into the toilet. And then laugh about it.

Rachel said...

Not flush? Me? There was a nice bit about that in Meet the Fockers if you will recall (the horror!).

I know it's "just water" but there's small part of me that knows there's the potential for residual nastiness to be stuck to the walls the brush touched. It's a mental thing. Brush went bye-bye.