Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hey Dad, what's a heinie lock?

Spanglish = 8.5/10. This also is a flavor of cheese Rachel enjoys. I was a little disturbred by Bernie. In the movie she looked like this. Compare that to what she loked like at the premiere of Spanglish here. Did they make a child gain weight for the role? Did she starve herself after seeing it? Or is that some super duper good makeup effects?

Don't even tell me these two last names couldn't be on Leno's Headlines. As seen in Tulsa World Celebrations on August 14, 2005:

Ok, yeah, it should really be heinie lock but still...


BKDotCom said...

Meh, she looks the same.
You should know black is a sliming color. :)

The Sammich Recipe

Rachel said...

And by same, BK means "always smiling"

Yeah, I have no idea what sliming means. Or what a sliming color might be.

The Sammich Recipe was also a 4-5 minute segment on the special features on the DVD.

Amanda Z said...

I think her character in the movie was just a victim or unflattering hair, frumpy clothes, and make-up that made her look like FattyCheeks McGee.