Friday, September 02, 2005

Cars and ESPN(G)

The Life of David Gale = 8/10. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is not a difficult to accomplish.

CNN has an article/list of the things/money major corporations donated to the Katrina efforts. As much as I like to discuss how huge corporations are generally not too responsible, many of the corporations did right with this one. I plan to donated a small amount to Red Cross next week. Hey, I'm already a mentor for a child whose whole life is like a hurricane and I had to pay car insurance this month. Anyway, here's what Ford gave:

Ford Motor Credit Company is offering customers affected by Hurricane Katrina the opportunity to defer up to two vehicle payments.

Wow. Isn't that extremely considerate of them? And really helpful, too. Especially considering that ¼ of New Orleans lived below the poverty line and many of the residents didn't have means to get out of the city (i.e., a C-A-R). Thanks, Ford!

BK wants to share his odd experience from last night:

subject: blogable sighting last night

A camera-phone would have been handy last night..
I went to the TU football game... It was covered on
down in the "Mazzio's Family Zone" endzone I saw a
10-12 year old girl holding this poster:



I can only hope that ESPN didn't give it any airtime..
My guess is no.. since it wouldn't be PC to make fun
of it. and they'd have too.. ESPNG?


ET said...

Hmm. Well, even if ESPN didn't give it airtime, you now have. Just saying...

On the subject of Katrina, I am sure that Ford is not deferring INTEREST during those two months and, quite frankly, it is just too damn hard to locate the people or the cars (under water) to repo them. Aren't they generous?

And may I just say that this "word verification" thing that you have going on is a tad annoying? Especially for someone such as myself who has to catch up now on weekends since I have been booked solid for the last two weeks. I am sure it is for some practical purpose, but maybe ONE is enough when the same person is responding repeatedly.

ET said...

I notice that QVC did not make the list, and I did want to mention that they AND their vendors are making contributions. Birkenstock had a TSV yesterday and donated $1 for each pair of the TSV shoes sold, which was matched by QVC, and by yesterday afternoon had raised close to $70,000. Dell is donating $25 per item sold, Ojon is donating 5% of profits, and other vendors are also donating part of the sale of desigated items (look for the Red Cross logo on screen to determine which items apply). Every dollar donated by a vendor is MATCHED by QVC, and QVC has also set up a headline link on their website (and is doing promotional advertising during shows) for viewers to access Red Cross if they wish to make additional donations.

PETCO is sponsoring a fundraiser (round basically round up your purchase price to the next dollar and the excess is donated) to help the animals who have been left homeless by Katrina.

Rachel said...

That was BK's story and words. I find it amusing. I have no problem giving idiot signs airtime. :)

BKDotCom said...

Rachel Airtime = 10 viewers?
no biggie. :)