Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Logan's Roadhouse

The Italian Job = 7/10. It did indeed remind me of a less clever Ocean's Eleven.

So Tulsa's the 8th least safe place to live. FANtastic!

Nothing too odd has happened lately. Sad has, however. Oone of my dad's best friends growing up died after spending a year in the hospital after she had gastric bypass surgery (or some other type of weight loss surgery). This is yet more motivation for me to continue with the cardio.

I think Doug has officially joined my friend A. as earning the title of "Rachel's personal shopper." Yeah, Doug has a few other titles, too, but the personal shopper might prove to be very useful for me as I am clueless in the fashion arena. Yesterday, he was able to take three items in my closet that I wear, put them together, and make me super chic for the evening. It was a shoe/jeans pairing that I had never considered. Who knew? I told him he should pick out one outfit every month for me.

At any rate, I managed to drag him in Ulta. Actually, he went willingly. They have Bare Escentuals makeup there and often have coupons in the circular section of the Tulsa World on Sundays. Yippie!

I was super proud of Doug for choosing a place to eat. Except it was closed when we arrived. Always best to plan ahead, call, and make sure they answer the phone. We'll save it for another night, though. Instead, we ended up at Logan's Roadhouse. They have darn good steak! Our waitress was very rude, though. Doug tipped her $2 and I felt that was WAY too generous. Had I been the one forking over the money, she probably would have received a penny tip. Don't give me any of the "but that's how they make their money" crap, either. If she wanted a tip, the least she could have done is not roll her eyes at me for requesting simple things. Like silverware/extra napkins/more A1 sauce. I had no idea those were such unreasonable requests. It would also be nice if someone orders a salad to serve it BEFORE the steak arrives, not 2 minutes after. At least she apologized for that one. I will probably go back at the rate of once per 18 months.

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LT said...

I always run into the tip thing. My mother was a waitress for decades and I always tip, like it or not. But there have been times... ET and I ate at an On the Border where the waitress was so clueless and "forgot" everything we told her on the previous time by our table, starting with her taking almost 15 minutes to remember that she hadn't brought our drinks yet. I believe we tipped her about 10 percent. But I'm with you, if the service is poor, I don't really care how much you're getting an hour. That's no excuse to be rude/slow/incompetent with service. Don't work at the job, then! There are plenty of low-paying jobs that will afford you a "straight" paycheck rather than having to worry about tips. We went to Olive Garden the other day and the ubiquitous 50 pound, 15 year old girls who stand at the front (for eye candy I guess) were obnoxious. One rolled her eyes when some of our party had to ask for baby "nets" and would talk about whoever just went out the door to her friend. What are their functions, actually? I always see them standing there and looking aggrieved when they have to get you a menu. Maybe waitresses are pissed that they can't be the mannequin at the front. Another guy at Cheddar's practically ordered us to choose food and slammed the plates down when he served us so some sauce spilled out of the salsa bowl. He scowled the whole time and didn't respond when we thanked him (out of habit). Sorry, but if you're having a bad day, you need to keep it to yourself in a service industry job. Just like you have to remember that the request for extra ketchup or another fork/napkin/knife/etc. is THAT customer's first request even if you've heard it 100 times that day, you have to remember that THAT customer didn't make your day shitty so don't make he/she/them pay for it.