Monday, October 17, 2005


The meanest thing said to me over the weekend:

"Girl, you is lookin' ROUGH today. What is up?"

This coming from a 49-year-old woman who, at the time of the offending comment, wore see-thru pajamas completely revealed her sag/nipple status. Nice.

Positive spin:

If I looked "rough" at that time, then there must be times when I look the oppositve of rough, right?

I still stick to my own praise for having the balls to step out in public with a bare face. Even if I am rough. I think many women would never do that.


yojimbo said...

woo hoo, big props to you.

i'm sure you must be advancing the cause for women everywhere

Amanda Z said...

I don't so much ever go to WORK with no makeup on but on the weekends I rarely put makeup on unless we're going to dinner somewhere nice.
I feel like it gives my face time to breathe.

ET said...

I generally wear some kind of makeup when I go out, but on the weekends it is sometimes just some lip gloss and a touch of mascara. I used to get hit on all the time without makeup. That is weird.