Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sibling Sleepover 2.0

Pay It Forward = 8/10. I'm sure I'm one of the last people to watch this movie. *spoiler alert* I don't understand why the kid would die from that type of a wound. It looked like the knife got him either in his intestine or the bottom of his lungs. And, ya know, in OTHER movies they don't die from that. In fact, if it's a scary movie, they generally have enough energy to kill 20 other people before they even feel the wound. It's funny that Alondo Bodden was in yesterday's movie and today's movie has Jay Mohr in it. Both were on Last Comic Standing. As an added bonus, I've been in the same room as Jay Mohr when I went to LA and say in on a taping of LCS.

I am taking a day of vacation Thursday. My carpets are getting cleaned Friday. Paid for by the apartment peoples because I renewed my lease and actually read the fine print part of the lease. This means that all of my furniture needs to be moved on tile. Fun. Brothers make for some darn good manual labor. I will bribe them by taking them to lunch tomorrow-anyplace they want (provided it is under $10/person). We'll probably end up at IHOP or Mazzio's.


Amanda Z said...

Are they off school?
I don't get vacation time until May :(

Rachel said...

Yes, they're off school for fall break. Even though I worked PT at the company for 2.5 years when I was in college, I had to work a whole year before I got vacation time. Thankfully, I love where I work, the people, and it's not at all stressful. Otherwise, I would be needing some strong Prozac-like medication by now.