Saturday, November 12, 2005

Are they single?

Mad Hot Ballroom = 7/10. I already had a strong desire to learn ballroom dancing and after watching this documentary, the urge did not subside. Send money and watch me rumba! Seriously though, this movie is but one example of the need for the arts in schools. I was a bit surprised most of the parents allowed their children to dance. Or maybe it's only in Oklahoma we don't like dancin'. It's the work of the devil, ya know.

I work for a local, independent, rural telephone company. There are three offices. I work in the corporate office located about 60 miles away from the central office where the "real work" goes on. By real work, I mean stuff that requires manly physical labor--installing phone services. It is quasi-tradition in the company to have the new employees take a ride on a bucket truck. Since I only make my way over to the central office every year for the company Christmas party, I have not had my bucket truck ride. I also have not had the opportunity to spend a day with one of the lineman. On Thursday, the corporate office went to the central office for a retirement party. I sat around a huge table with two of the corporate office employees (one being my boss) and the following snippet of conversation transpired. C is a girl and works in the Tulsa office. S is my boss, male, and also works in the Tulsa office.

R: Yeah, S. I haven't even had my bucket truck ride and I've been here for how long?

S: We'll do that at the Christmas party, then.

C (to me quietly; S could not hear): You also haven't spent a day with one of the guys to see what they do?

R: Nope. Hey S! When am I going to get to go out with one of the guys?

S (with confused look on his face): Well, Rachel...I'm not sure that too many of them are single.

I'm so glad all of the linemen left by the time that happened. Don't get me wrong, the linemen are all good guys, but they're not exactly people I want to make my husband. They're all much too country for me. Why would my boss think I wanted a date with any of them?


Anonymous said...

You should not only ride in the truck, but get in the bucket and be lifted to a live power line. You can actually hear the buzzing from the electricity, but it is perfectly safe.

Rachel said...

There are huge power lines behind me parents' house that buzz. So, the coolness factor has lost the edge with me.