Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Honey, fix the window!

The picture really says it all:

Parking lot of our motel in Holbrook, AZ 12/24/2005

Yeah, the picture says it all, but I can't help myself from putting in my own $0.02.

A) Do you really use your rearview mirror enough to warrant having to think this contraption up? I sure don't.

B) Praise God! Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas aren't the only source of rednecks. Although...I didn't catch where these people were from. The van was gone in the morning and I didn't think to look at the tag that night.

C) I have to think that this isn't the original side mirror because if it broke off, there's a good chance it would be shattered. (Unless these mirrors aren't like regular mirrors. Entirely possible given my lack of car knowledge.) This means they probably had to FIND a mirror to put there. And the best way they came up with to fashion it to the old mirror was bungee cord and a...?...windsheild wiper? Why not just super/hot glue it on there like a good redneck would?

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