Monday, January 09, 2006

Push Me

On Friday, I signed up for a YEAR long subscription to Push. The shocking part is that I signed up without first researching it. I'm the girl who spent 4 months figuring out what breed of dog she wanted, 6 months on a new car, I keep an Excel file to track how much money I save on Netflix...heck, I even researched what others said would be the best eyeshadow primer. This whole program might completely suck. It might be 40 minutes worth of 3 minute program segments pasted together with the occasional computer voice-over saying "Keep it up, Rachel." In the very least, I will be seeing Trainer Bob (from the Biggest Loser) three times a week on my TV. My music preference is set on dance electronic--another plus. Aat $25/month, receiving two personalized DVDs will be ok because that is about the cost of going to Target and actually purchasing two random fitness DVDs. If not cheaper. I lack not for motivation, so no issues there. I have the time for both the DVDs and the cardio (100 minutes ends up being way less than I usually do on a weekly basis). I can change my DVDs to be easier or harder.

They asked some interesting questions when I signed up. I'm curious as to how my description of my sense of humor will affect the DVD I receive in the end. I picked "No holds barred. NC-17." Does that mean I should expect a lot of moose knuckle, a random sex scene to keep my motivation, or strings of explicatives sprewing forth from my screen? I doubt it. But I'll let you know.


Amanda Z said...

Nothing like Trainer Bob doing cardio in the nude!

giselle said...

I think it's funny the second FAQ on the Push website is "Can I date my trainer?"


I think it sounds like a good idea. I hope it works. Maybe I should do something like that. I'll let you try it first!