Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trippy Sight

Murderball (2005) = 7.5/10. Although I have never had intentions of messing with a quadriplegic, I certainly won't consider it now after watching these hulks of men. The Larry King interview is interesting on the special features menu.

I honestly think I experienced my first aura today. It was really bizarre. It was around lunch time at work. I looked up for a split second at the fluorescent lights and when I tilted my head back down my right eye's field of vision contained a tiny white spot. The white spot was the equivalent of lookingo directly at the flash when a picture is taken. Except this flash didn't go away. About five minutes later, the lower right quadrant of my right eye's field of vision got wavy as if I was looking through water. Slightly different, but that's the only way I can describe it. It's at this point I start to wonder what the heck is going on. Madly searching on Google for "wavy vision" with my wavy vision turned up the potential for an upcoming seizure or migraine. Well, that's just grrrrreat. Being the overly cautious dork that I am, I quickly moved everything off of my desk that could lop off my head in the event that I did randomly start to seize. About 10 minutes into this "episode" I started thinking "Wait just a minute. This doesn't...hurt. It's just very bizarre." Five minutes after the bizarre semi-water world and it was gone. No seizing, no migraine, no pain of any sort. Just 15 or so minutes of trippy weirdness.

In other news, yesterday's taco wreath turned taco ring isn't nearly as good reheated. Crescent rolls get soggy. Must bring Giselle over next time I make on so there are no leftovers.


giselle said...

You should've taken a picture of it. I really can't understand what a taco ring/wreath is.

Speaking of cooking experiments, I haven't made my weekly one, have I? Oh wait, yes I have. It's the coke pot roast that I made Sunday and I'm STILL eating.

Rachel said...

If I wasn't such a dork, you would have seen the link to a picture in yesterday's post. I accidentally posted it with the date of 2005. Not many people would see it then.