Thursday, February 23, 2006

Icy Beavers and Tagalongs

The latest Rachel news & some minor oddities:

* Thursday morning when I turned on my car, the odometer read 010101. Which means...

* Sometime in the last week, my car turned 10,000 miles old. I didn't celebrate/throw a party, but I guess I'm happy about the fact that I will be coming in under the 12,000 miles per year average use next month. Perhaps I really do need to get out more.

* To add to the list of "things I love about my job" goes this--on snowy/icy days (like Monday here) when there is a chance that our good work clothes will get dirty (like if our vehicle dies or if we step in the snow), we get to wear jeans. Wearing jeans on a Monday rocks. Although, there are some parts of me that feel like I missed the boat on work clothes. I secretly envy my aunt Becky because she gets to wear scrubs to work every day. It helps that she's the boss and in the medical profession.

* I actually had to call my friend Giselle while I was at the grocery store to ask her if a clove of garlic was the whole bulb thingy or one of the slices in the middle. I'm humiliated that I didn't know, but certainly don't want to screw that one up.

* A few weeks ago, I flipped past whatever food channel I have on my dish and someone was grilling asparagus on a George Forman grill. Giselle served me canned asparagus with salmon she made a few weeks ago and it fit well. I'm going to attempt to duplicate her salmon recipe. In my effort to only eat crap food 80% of the time instead of my usual 95% of the time and while in the produce section of the grocery store, the thought occured to buy fresh asparagus and find some recipe/method for grilling it. Except...I have NO idea if the stem part is edible or not.

* Tonight, Doug and I made kickin' baked rigatoni. OK, 80% of the work was Doug. Anyway, he told me he didn't like Italian sausage. This coming from a man who loves his meat. I don't know him well I guess. Or actually maybe I do because...

* I was easily able to guess Doug's favorite Girl Scout cookie, the Tagalong.

* I participated in my first NECA webcast Wednesday. I can really no longer say "well, I work for a phone company but I don't know anything about how telephone systems work" because I now have a basic understanding.

* Thursday morning when I took Shelby outside, the marsh thingy behind my complex was frozen. I saw our friend Mr. Beaver swimming under the ice.


giselle said...

Oh no! I hope our beaver didn't freeze. :( I get so sad thinking about the little homeless animals.

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure beaver can withstand the icy cold.

If not, I can warm up the beaver. Hah!

giselle said...


ET said...

Two comments. First, grilled fresh asparagus totally kicks the ass of canned really must try it! Especially with fish (although I love it with anything). And second, you totally missed the "work clothes" boat. Both of my jobs let me wear jeans to work, and actually now that I have essentially moved the law business to a home office, I can work in my jammies. Then again, you love your maybe we're even!

Rachel said...

It WAS fresh asparagus and I still didn't really like it. The taste is fine. THe texture grossed me out.