Monday, May 08, 2006

Best Year Ever

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 2: Disc 1. It just keeps getting better with each disc.

Doug and I have officially made it one year on Sunday. And what a fantastic year it has been!

I now have ear bling to match my neck bling. The new bling, in turn, will eventually add to my growing ulcer brought about by the anxiety of losing one of three pieces. Must make a very concentrated effort to be less clumsy. One gift I got for him was a leather valet/catchall. I had intended this to be used as a place for the twenty pounds of everflowing loose change from his pockets (which, subsequently, wedges itself in my love seat cushions. Apparently my goal is to milk the man dry, one coin at a time.) and his watch. Unfortunately, his watch is too tall/big/rigid to fit in the valet. Another "well it's the thought that counts, right?" gift from yours truly.

Brother Joshua is officially 14 today. Scary stuff.

Saturday began my adventure in animal/house sitting. 5 cats, 3 dogs, and my Shelby. I say adventure because Owassso is a new town to me and I haven't had the best experiences with cats. In fact, I once thought it was really cool to make my aunt's cat Jasper hiss. Right up until Jasper whacked me across the face and left a small mark. Serves me right. The owner of the house has an excellent selection of the finest the cosmetic world has to offer. Already I've discovered a few shades of Bobbi Brown eyeshadow I must have and a giant shadow brush.

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