Saturday, February 03, 2007

Purple hands

Employee of the Month (2006) = 5.5/10. I mean, it had it's moments. This is exactly what working at Sonic and Blockbuster was like as far as the petty attitudes are concerned.

02-02-2007 Purple Hands Left

02-02-2007 Purple Hands Right

Note to self:

If the directions clearly state gloves should be worn, perhaps there's a reason for that. Now when John Mayer pulls you on stage (even though I'm sitting on the 20th row) at his concert tonight, you'll look like a freak. Or like someone who has one of those big red birthmarks.

Note to Aunt Becky:

Dyed tulle circles look fabulous!

Tonight will technically the first concert I have attended since adulthood. I went to New Kids on the Block in 3rd grade and Blue Man Group in November. But Blue Man Group just didn't feel like a rock concert but more like performance art.

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