Monday, October 13, 2008

The Not a Short Sell Transaction Homebuying Saga, Part I

This was only our second Sunday to look at houses with a competent Realtor instead of trying to get a feel for neighborhoods and houses on our own. And hark! we found another house yesterday (Sunday), put in an offer today at 6:30 and got a counteroffer at 8:15. So, we're nearly in contract again.

And technically, we have two contracts now. We can't get the Realtor on the short sell house to call us back. It's been two weeks. Ridiculous! It's possible we might have to eat $500 of earnest money we weren't even supposed to pay on a short sell we didn't know what a short sell until after we signed the contract, but whatever. This house has far less work that needs to be done to it and there is no chance a car could run off of the turnpike and hit us now.

Keep your fingers crossed this time!

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