Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Never in my Wildest...

The two biggest things that happened to me in 2008:

*A person I saw quite often will be spending some time in jail this year.

*An ex-boyfriend that I dated nearly 1.5 years back in 1999-2000 was murdered. MURDERED! Do you know anyone personally who's been murdered? Granted, I hadn't spoke to Adam since we broke up, but still. It's all still extremely surreal. To top it all off, I found out on my birthday.

Predictions/wishes for 2009:

*Rachel and Doug venture out of the USA Proper.

*In December we will still be painting some portion of our new house, probably trim.

*A smaller everything. I recently bought a treadmill that I love and am excited about. OK, mostly I'm just excited that I no longer have to worry about farting while running.

*Participation in the Tulsa Run this year. (Anyone want to join me?)

*One of my brothers finally scores higher on the ACT than me.

*We acquire a new dog. Doug wants one.

*Doug doesn't follow the oral surgeon's advice and gets dry socket when he gets his wisdom teeth taken out.


Maggie said...

Oh my god, that's the guy who took you to prom, isn't it?!

And also, do you predict or wish Doug gets dry sockets?

And finally, do I know who it is that's going to jail?

Amanda said...

I had no idea Adam was that much older than us. That is sad, he was a nice guy as far as I remember.

When is the Tulsa Run?
I'm planning on doing the Race for the Cure in September.

(The word verification I have to type in to post this is "aerse" which looks to me like a Gaelic translation of "arse".)

Rachel said...

Not the guy I took to prom. I don't wish Doug gets dry socket, but I have a feeling he'll not follow all the post-operative care instructions.

Rachel said...

Tulsa Run is on Halloween this year. I would do Race for the Cure, though. Just something to get me in a fun run or 5k so I have a goal for myself.

Ha ha on the word verification!