Tuesday, June 08, 2010

5/26/2010: Vacation Day 1

(Warning: This only people who might find this interesting is my mom and dad. It's mainly written so I can remember the details of our awesome vacation in a few years when the memories have begun to fade.)

5/26/2010: Vacation Day 1 (Fly from Tulsa to Portland, OR)

This day doesn't really count because we got into Portland, OR at 23:00 (which is 01:00 Oklahoma time) and we were tired! We stayed at Aloft near the airport where I quickly discovered that the either the Pacific Northwest is really into the earth or the Starwood Hotel brand wants to pretend they are eco-friendly. This was the first hotel I have stayed at with a recycling bin. The hotel also had the option to decline maid service in exchange for $5 that could be used at their restaurant/snack bar if you stayed more than one night. Neat. I wanted to throw my panties that ripped on the plane trip in the recycle bin, but thought better of it. Actually, Doug told me it would be gross and in poor taste. That husband, always keepin' me in line.

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