Friday, March 18, 2005

As seen on Cribs?

I'm so totally stoked right now. This time last year I took a very wonderful vacation with my friend A./K. It was the first vacation I've ever taken without my family or chaperones (like in high school). It looks like another trip might take place this summer. Which is good because I have like a $140 credit from Southwest airlines due to a family vacation trip gone slightly awry. And you know how I'd be hacked if I lost that money. Now we just have to wait until Southwest offers their internet $99 one-way thing, which they do ALL of the time but probably not now since I want to buy a ticket.

I'd like to go to NYC. A./K. wants to go to Vegas or San Francisco. I've been to Vegas lots but never with a friend. I've also never seen a show there and have yet to do something crazy* in Vegas
, so Vegas could be lots of fun.

This just in:

I just found out that the VP of my company (who does not live in Oklahoma) has this exact wet steam room in both
of her houses. I've been in a wet and dry sauna exactly once in my life and I'm just not sure I liked either one enough to put one in my nonexistent house. Let alone both of them. And one of the houses is located in a very humid place in the country. But then again, the time I was in a sauna was after a workout, too.

although on vacation two years ago I did makeout with a random guy on the Haunted Mansion--this should slightly count, right? And he DID get me to ride this, which I wouldn't have by myself and don't really ever want to again because the magnet thing hurt! I should email him to see if he's still alive seeing as how he's in the Navy...eek!


Southern Chaos said...

I think I'd go to Vegas, with friends it's a blast. We saw an adult show while we were there, and had so much fun. NYC is nice, but I'm biased because for 3 years I was only 30 minutes away (now an hour and 1/2). Either way, you'll have fun.

Rachel said...

huh. I have an aunt and uncle that live in Tom's River NJ. Wait, IS this my aunt??? Naw...

ETenebris said... you can probably predict, I must put in the vote for NYC. But, since you are not a Sephora girl, or a big shopping girl, Vegas might be more up your alley. IF you go to NYC, ride the subway! And see Times Square.