Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Belly button

"Maggie said...

oh my god. geoff is 14. i remember in (i wanna say) 5th grade getting a phone call from you while i was in the shower. you were like, "i have a little brother!" and we changed their diapers! and he ate josh's belly button! and now he's 14!! i don't believe it!

Wed Mar 23, 01:09:09 AM CST"

Hmm...well, I guess I'll save my oddity from last night's Wal-Mart adventure for tomorrow. I love how I can write drafts and just leave them there until I'm ready to post them. It means that as the weird things happen/ideas come, I can save them but not let you see them for a while. Anywho, I feel Maggie's statement warrants an explanation. You're allowed to think I'm insane; you're allowed to think my dad is insane (from what little you know about him from here)--you are NOT allowed to think my little brother is insane...yet. He's not old enough to have proven himself. Except maybe the incident will prove that he just started young:

I have two brothers, Geoffrey and Joshua. I was 10 when Geoff was born.
They are 13.5 months apart, Geoff being older. This means that one brother was thoroughly into everything he could get his hands on while the other was learning to smile. Mom liked to keep Joshua in one of these thingies because I guess it made diapering easier. I'm sure that most of you are aware that your belly button did not start off looking like it does right now. Here are a couple of pictures. Do NOT be eating anything when you look! Evolution & Before If you're a weenie, stump fall off isn't gross and is a little more relevant. Now, that little black part falls off after like 1-2 weeks. Mom walked into the kitchen one day with Joshua in the dress with the drawstring thingy and apparently Joshua's stump fell off. Geoff, the one who was walking/crawling went over and put it in his mouth. I was in the living room and heard the post-stump taste-a-thon yell. He spit it out and cried for a few minutes, but the fact of the matter is that he attempted to eat my brother's stumpy belly button. Good times, good times...

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