Wednesday, March 09, 2005

It's a start

Yay me--I ran a mile tonight! Fine, TECHNICALLY I ran .50 miles @ 5.0 mph, then walked .15 miles for 3.5 mph, then .25 miles between 5.0 and 6.0 mph, then another .15 walk, reapeat with .25. It's still a start. Now I just need the correct way to start Bridging the gap. You know, running makes you sweat a LOT. So does the stairmaster thingy that I've yet to brave. But I've seen what people look like getting off of it (and what drips down the side of the machine...yummy!)
Generally I'm an elliptical person, though because of this oddity:

Even though I know I'm not supposed to totally trust the calories/minute burned, why am I even bothering trying to run if it burns like 9 cals/min (and I come off looking like I'm about to explode) and the elliptical averages like 9-14 cal/min for me and I barely break a sweat and could go a while on it?


Anonymous said...

So...I am glad that you can share such moments with everyone...I feel like family now...You know I love you and really want to get to know you ALOT more...if you know what I mean...and I KNOW you do!!!

bearkat said...

The Cal/hr or Cal/min thing on the exercise is useless. I am an elliptical fan myself, I can go longer and harder than I can on the treadmill. The treadmill is great but I tend to go side to side when I run and let me tell you it doesn't feel good when you miss the belt(AKA fall on your face). Anyhow, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your oddities.

Rachel said...

Mr Anonymous,

Boy, where to begin? First off, do we KNOW each other from real life? If you're using words like "love" then I'm thinking so. And that scares means that someone out there either LOVES me and I don't know it or someone lusts me. If you actually DO "love" and I don't know it, then this verges on some kind of stalker status. Otherwise, if you don't know me from real life, then stop using the L word so loosely. It's a serious thing!

Next, how in Budda's name are you responding to a post about me working out with something sexual? I mean, I could see if I said something like...well NO! I can't see. But I'm not a guy, either.

Finally, I'm not going to linger on the fact that I honestly have no clue who you are, either from internet or real life. It just reminds me of a semi-stalker I had once. But please refer to the side bar about the size of them.

Rachel said...


Thanks for admitting to being my first fan. :)

I'm going to pretend that cal/min does count for something because I track that along with minutes and have set goals for the month. So, it's gotta mean something!

As clumsy as I am, I have actually managed to NOT fall off, hurt myself, or hurt someone else while on the equipment.