Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another conspiracy by men? You judge!

I'm NOT anti-thong undies, I just think that grannies are way more comfy. However, when the outfit necessitates the wearing of a thong because of potential or obvious panty lines, I wear them. So, yesterday I go to work, prance around in public for a bit, and finally go back home and watch a movie with a friend. Sometime during the day this comment was made to me:

"You know, even though you're wearing a thong I can still see the line."

No, I'm not gonna say who said it, but this person should certainly NOT be paying that much attention to my butt and it was highly inappropriate! But, darn it, you CAN! I think that the underwear industry is probably run by some man who is up in his huge office thinking "How can we create panties such that no matter what style is worn lines will show and thus to eliminate lines, the females will never wear panties?"

I'm not fallin' for it!


Dani said...

Rachel, this is a very interesting thing you having going on here. Thanks for sharing it with others.

Rachel said...

You do realize that blogs are very common, right? But thank you! An admitted fan #2. The ego soars today. :)

Mags said...

here's my point: boy shorts