Friday, March 11, 2005

Amish paradise?

Let's see how many relevant links I can manage to use and stay on a single topic.

Wednesday evening I went to workout here and I saw a very interesting oddity. The fitness center is in a lame-o student union but there's a nice size TV right outside the entrance to the gym. On this TV they are repeatedly playing Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. Apparently in a few weeks TCC will actually have real dodgeball teams forming and there will be some kind of tournament. Now, I just watched Dodgeball with Brad on March 2th so it's in my active movie memory (I have a hard time remembering details from movies). Who would sit down and watch Dodgeball at a college in the evening? Two Amish looking folks, dressed in full Amish garb. I'm pretty sure these people were really Amish and not just rehearsing one of this summer's Chautauqua events. The scene is seared into my head forever and just struck me as something one might not see outside of Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

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