Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My aura/vibrating pleasure?

Prior to this afternoon, I was pretty sure that 90% of the online sex toy websites had my email address. At least such would appear from my inbox. I was wrong. My friend B. L-T (do you realize...sandwich...I'm SURE you do! first time I've noticed, though) sent me an email that invited me to get 10% off of a purchase at one. So, now I'm apparently going to start receiving email from this place and the 500 affiliate/subsidiaries under them (pun intended!). Bring on more spam!

Here's the oddity running through my head, though:

Did B. L-T send me the email because

a) she's being nice,

b) she thinks (and rightly so) that I am open enough to discuss such things with her if need be, or

c) I look, act, or walk like I need to get laid...with an inanimate object?

It's not like she's trying to set me up with a REAL person. Don't I deserve more than plastic, B. L-T???

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