Thursday, March 24, 2005

No rubbin' here

I think this is the first of what's sure to become a large collection of "you've done something crappy to me." Let's watch, shall we?

Just as it happened tonight (except the X's aren't really part of his name):

(20:20:21) southernXXXX2005: do you give good back massages?s
(20:20:26) southernXXXX2005: cause im willing to pay for a good one

Seriously, though, I haven't even MET you. We've talked on the phone for a total of 4 minutes over 3 conversations, AND you're 4 years younger than me. And I'm just sure not entirely sure all you'd want was just a back massage. Yeah, been there done that...actually not really, but it sounds good. Moral of the story is that the Rachel does NOT perform sexual favours for money. Or for free. Or at all.

But, Don made up for the massage conversation:

(22:26:57) Don O'XXXXX:'s because they think it's part of your monthly payment (paid early) and they distribute it between interest and principal unless you specify otherwise

Thank you!!!

OMG. That REALLY sucked! I was given a free Brita pitcher like 3 years ago and I just broke it. I filled it ALL the way up and missed the refrigerator tray. So, 1/2 gallon of water ON my kitchen floor. Gotta love the Shelby for trying to lick it up, though. She deserves that backpack so we can bike together. I am not becoming Paris Hilton, I swear!

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BKDotCom said...

¿doggie backpack? bleh.
Shelbie needs some sort of wicker Toto basket up front.