Friday, March 25, 2005

The Wal-Mart outting

Happy Good Friday everyone! Oh wait, that's one of those holidays that I have no clue what it is because I hate holidays. Probably has to do with that Jesus guy or something. :) And I don't even want to get any emails about that comment. Read a little harder/know me a little better.

"At Thu Mar 24, 11:44:03 PM CST, BKDotCom said...

¿doggie backpack? bleh.
Shelbie needs some sort of wicker Toto basket up front."

11:45, eh? Way past your 10:15 bedtime, BKDotCom! The Toto basket was my first choice but then I couldn't find one that would fit my bike. And I'm afraid it might throw me off and I might crash it easier. And I usually wouldn't care, but this time I do: It's ShelBY. :)

The Wal-Mart oddity

Wednesday I went to watch a movie, Robots, and afterward I went to the semi-new Wal-Mart in south Broken Arrow. It's like right around 10 pm and since I've been having a bout of insomnia lately, I'm not really fully cognizant of what's happening around meNor am I too alive feeling. So I'm walking around gettin' my stuff: sausage? chh....eck hangers? chhh...eck...bleh. When from the loud intercom:

"Attention Wal-Mart shoppers"

(Thhhhaaaat's ME!)

"If you are the owner of a black..."

(pleasedon'tsayHonda pleasedon'tsayHonda pleasedon'tsayHonda becuase I really don't have the energy to go outside twice; can't YOU just turn my lights off, pretty please?)

", please come to the front. Once again, if you are the owner of a black cat, please come to the front."

(She didn't say cat. I'm sure she said cad. which would probably be short for something like Cadillac and I didn't hear her right because I'm so friggin' sleepy, probably have slight hearing loss anyway, and also have some ear/throat infection that makes me not hear as well)

During the course of the next 30 minutes:

Scented oil? chhh...eck floaty candles chhheck
Cheap shampoo that smells fantabulous chhhhh....eck
Possibly get new rawhide for my dog?* walking walking

Walking past the cat stuff to find the dog stuff...walking walking...


I look to the noise and I see a mostly black cat in something nearly identical to this.

Did I just...see a cat in Wal-Mart?


Ah jeez, I'm seriously considering getting something like this to take my Shelby with me on a bike ride. I already let her ride in the car with her face in the window. Does this make me a crazy pet person yet?

(I drafted this post a few days ago and didn't realize I hadn't posted backpack yet...oops)

*shut up, Bronwen, she LOVES them! And doesn't dig the Nylabones anymore. So, I don't wanna hear the speech. :)


Anonymous said...

Despite your apparent unwillingness to hear any negative comments re giving rawhide to dogs, I must warn you of Shelby's impending intestinal blockage. Don't listen to me...ask your (well, Shelby's) vet. I love McDonald's fries. Doesn't mean they're not bad for me. = )

ET said...

As a reformed bad Catholic (that is to say I am both a bad Catholic AND a reformed Catholic or, in other words, not religious at all, except as it pertains to the Great God Om -- currently the Small God Om -- as it further pertains to Terry Pratchett), I believe "Good Friday" is generally regarded as the day of the crucifixion, the last Friday of Lent, and the day NO good Catholic (not me) shall not eat meat. "On the third day (that will be Sunday)he rose again"...making it Easter. Or, the day we all eat chocolate rabbits. I am uncertain what chocolate rabbits -- or marshmallow Peeps even -- have to do with Easter, but perhaps the rabbit rose with Jesus, saw his shadow, and we had 2000 more years of Catholicism.

ET said...

OOPS! Revise that last post to read "...the day NO good Catholic (not me) shall eat meat." A double negative! How could I?!