Friday, March 25, 2005

Umm, thanks? (1)

So my friend M. used to live next door to me in the current Tulsa apartment. I work out like 3-5 times/week (just depending on how the waivering social life goes) and used to only go to my apartment gym (before the key incident, to be explained in a later post). And I H-A-T-E dressing in anything more than yoga pants and a T-shirt. They're just comfy. I guess maybe I should have been a nurse so I could wear scrubs all the time. Thus, when I come home from work, I head straight to the comfy clothes, get something to eat, and then go work out. M. would oft go with. 97% of the time she's seen me wearing no makeup. This is the conversation that happened tonight:

Me: (in a really whiny voice) Just set me up with a random person, Shell. I don't want to get married, I just want to go out. Like pick someone that you know I won't like. I just want it to be a one date thing. Just have a night out and whatnot.
Shell: Like a one night stand?
Me: Ummm..NO! I don't do that sort of thing.
Shell: What about that guy you're going out with?
Me: I...don't think he likes me. I do like him, though.
Shell: Oh, well there's a Sheldon.
Me: Um..didn't you...haven't you...weren't you with him?
Shell: Oh, I told you about him?
Me: Yeah, umm...I think that would be too weird for me. New rule: if you've done anything with him more than what I would with or to you, then I can't go out with him.
Shell: OK, so how about a Darrin?
Me: Been with him?
Shell: No, but I've kissed him.
Me: Eh, I could probably kiss you and not think icky of myself, so sure why not.
Shell: OK, but Rachel...
Me: uh-huh
Shell: Can you promise me something?
Me: I was kidding about the making out with you, Shell.
Shell: No, dork!
Me: Oh good because I'm not so sure I could have delivered on that one. What, then?
Shell: Just that when you go out with him, please wear makeup. Because, you're just, ya know, much prettier with makeup on.
Me: Umm....thanks?

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