Saturday, March 26, 2005


I've been through this before, I go through it again. My lease is up mid-July and I'm seriously considering trying to find a female roommate. And my reasons for considering a roomie are not really traditional ones. I'm not anywhere near some financial crisis or anything. I just think it might be different and potentially fun at times. And the only time I've had a roommate was like 9 months in college. And 99% of the time, I liked that. Am I leaving anything out of this list given that my screening process would be a rigorous one?


1. There will always be someone to do stuff with.
2. I could use the extra $200-400/month for stuff like paying off the car quick, rebuilding the savings, and splurging on the occasional handbag.
3. It could be like one big slumber party.
4. I could meet some new peoples if I chose some random person from like a roomie website or something and thus expand my social network even thinner.
5. I could potentially double my wardrobe.
6. I would have to become a cleaner person.
7. I'd never be sittin' around thinking "I wish someone else were here." That only happens maybe once a month as is it, though.
8. There would be someone to bounce ideas off of (e.g., "Does this make me look like I have boobs?").
9. We could make a way cute answering machine message together.
10. I could learn new girlfriend things (e.g., how to dress, new beauty products, etc.)


1. I can't be nekkid whenever I want.
2. Shelby doesn't like new people and I have no idea how she'd adjust to a semi-permanent other person.
3. If I don't choose right, temporary hell could result.
4. I can't be nekkid whenever I want.
5. What would I do with the furniture I've acquired (and frankly care nothing about) if she has the same furniture pieces?
6. I could end up bunking a whore like Kavon did. I don't even know where one finds at least 4 new people to bring home every week. Gross!
7. I can't be nekkid whenever I want.
8. I might have to be quiet at times & go to sleep at normal hours.
9. Some of my more public secret single behavior would have to stop completely.
10. I'd have to get used to the idea that someone else hearing me in the bathroom won't kill me.
11. I can't be nekkid whenever I want.
12. I might have to locate the comptuer to my bedroom and I'm very anti doing non bedroom things in the bedroom.

Maybe I just will.


ET said...

Rachel, there is a house for lease on our block if you're interested. I HATE that someone in this neighborhood actually leases a house out, but if you want to do a roommate thing, you might consider having a house instead of an apartment. Or even buying (they are advertising some out here for around $500/mo house payment) and having a roommate to share expenses. And you build equity (in addition to replenishing your savings) and credit. If you must have a roommate, you might get a TU student or similar who might be studious and moderately quiet. And really, how much do you want in the way of clothing and makeup tips? You're an anti-Sephora girl!

kelly said...

Okay, I tried this once with someone I didn't know very well. Have you ever seen that movie "Single White Female"? Someone that seems really normal may not be.
It was scary!

Kavon said...

I just wanted to say I feel special that my name was mentioned. Plus, Rachel was being all whiney that I didn't post a single thing on all her blogs, so I wanted to pleasure her in some sense. Feel the love, Rachel. Oh yeah, feel it. Warm. soft. lustful. amazing. yeah. The love.

P.S. I am going to take on the role of the weird stalker-guy. Just so that everyone is aware.