Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Sunday Penis Parade (1/4)

First, to reply to your comments about having a roommate:

At Sat Mar 26, 12:45:27 PM CST, ET said...

Rachel, there is a house for lease on our block if you're interested. I HATE that someone in this neighborhood actually leases a house out, but if you want to do a roommate thing, you might consider having a house instead of an apartment. Or even buying (they are advertising some out here for around $500/mo house payment) and having a roommate to share expenses. And you build equity (in addition to replenishing your savings) and credit. If you must have a roommate, you might get a TU student or similar who might be studious and moderately quiet. And really, how much do you want in the way of clothing and makeup tips? You're an anti-Sephora girl!

At Sat Mar 26, 12:47:36 PM CST, kelly said...

Okay, I tried this once with someone I didn't know very well. Have you ever seen that movie "Single White Female"? Someone that seems really normal may not be.
It was scary!

ET, I've considered buying a house or a condo and was all go to do so until about November when I just decided that I'm not ready for the responsibility or mowing my own lawn, etc. I think I might be ready in 2 years. Yes I know I'm throwing my money away, but I'm just not ready. And I am NOT anti-Sephora!!! I just am not well versed enough in girlie products to know to like it.

Kelly, unless you want me to spend the next 6 weeks cuddled up next to you and your husband, I won't be watching SWF anytime soon. I can't do scary movies! And if this is the Kelly that I know, I'm fully aware that your husband isn't into any kind of swapping judging by what your odd friends did a few years back. ;) And where you live would be quite a commute for me.

Besides, I doubt that the chick in SWF had access to court records or the new credit report law thingy that went into effect thus enabling us to get free reports as of June 1.

Welcome to the first of four installments of The Sunday Penis Parade--helping you glide through the boring day of the week. I was going to do this on one long post but I've decided to "extend" the pleasure. And I know that some of my faithful readers can use some penis on a church day. :)

So, this clown came in at work Tuesday the 22nd to show off his skills so that the powerful people in my telephone company can decide if he will be hired for...some event that I have no clue what it is because I'm not high enough to be a "sister of charity." (That's the group of management that sets the budget for corporate giving, community stuff, etc.). Anyway, I guess when you start out making things from objects that already look like a phallus or condom, things just go downhill from there.

Just remember, this guy is performing for C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N!

He comes in and makes me three doggies. I'm not a big fan of balloons because I hate the "it could pop and make a noise at ANY time" thing. Stupid, I know. So, on one of the dogs he somehow gets a smaller part of a balloon inside of it. He calls this one "pregnant." Cool that he can make it do that, but really a bit too much. You tell me if these really look dirrrrrty over the next month or if I just need to get laid or something. I'm going to start with the ones that aren't too bad and at the end of the four weeks it will just be rank and even with some toy juxtaposition happenin'.

I present to you "cell phone" that Mr. Clown made us (remember, I work at a phone company):

I'm not saying that it looks like anything in particular, just a little bit dirty if you use your mind that way. You won't have to use your imagination any after this week.


ET said...

You do know that you can HIRE people to take care of the lawn, right? And you only have to worry about it maybe 4 months out of the year.

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