Monday, March 28, 2005

Prejudice (Part 2 of 4)

So I was walking Shelby on Easter and saw an adult bunny. So I doubt it was some child's present or anything. I'll take that as a sign from God or something.

Continuing on to the Oklahoma redneck prejudice thing:

A few months ago I took a car trip with two people in their 40s (we'll call them Carrie and Aidan because that's fun). Aidan has two teenage children. Until that fateful day, I had the utmost respect for both Carrie and Aidan. And then, this happened (my thoughts as they came are in italics and were NOT spoken):

Carrie: Can you believe that Marsha's daughter is engaged to a black man?
(oh no, just don't go there, not YOU TWO at least)
Aidan: Are you serious!? I had no idea
C: Yeah, and her daddy ain't happy, neither.
(oh god, they're going there)
A: Well, I can understand why.
(really? why? is he a jerk like lots of men?)
C: I'm pretty sure there will be a big fight sometime in the future.
(I'm going to keep quiet the fact that I went out with a guy on Saturday that, while not black, was certainly not white. la de da de da)
A: Carrie, I'm just not sure what I would do if Kelly (daughter, not real name) brought home one of those ni...'s
(WHAT??? Let me OUT of the speeding vehicle NOW because I'm not sure I can keep my lips closed much longer)
C: Oh, I'm pretty sure Kelly won't disrespect her father like that. Just make sure she don't go to one of "those" colleges.
A: Well, I'll just tell you, I don't know what I would do.
(Hello! You stupid idiot! Let me TELL you what you're going to do: you're either going to stop being pond scum or you're going to lose a daughter. A daughter that you talk about constantly and love very dearly.)
C: Rachel, have you ever dated a black dude?
(Did she just say dude?)
R: Nope*
A: Keep it that way so you're daddy can be proud of you
R: (said somewhat snottily) Oh, I'm pretty sure he already IS proud of me, but I'll keep your poignant opinion in consideration when choosing a boyfriend or spouse.

And this stuff happens all of the time. Come on, Dad, let's move to someplace else already. Because I just can't go it alone, ya know.

*And that's true only because I've never been given the option.


ET said...

Let me guess...Christians? I don't know what is worse...the idea that these people still exist or the repeated use of words such as "ain't." "OOOOOOOOOK-LAHOMA where the whites come sweeping down the plain...." Please.

Tiffany said...

I'm amazed you were able to keep it together. Nothing makes me angrier than to hear ignorant people talking trash about someone simply because of race/religion/
sexual orientation.
And et, I hope you weren't implying that all Christians act that way, because they don't. I know, I'm a Christian. Though you are right about a lot of them. Nothing amazes me more than churches who discriminate.