Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I gots the giggles

Yippie skippy! I was very upset last Monday when I took my crap financial accounting test. I made a 79% on it. And I felt awful because I totally thought I did really well on it. Turns out, I did! She messed up 5 tests and mixed in another test format. So I got a 91%. Which means I'll probably end up with an A.

There's this girl in my class named Kim who, quite frankly, has always seemed a little snobby to me. The fact that she's ALWAYS perfectly groomed, slim, and is married to a sugar daddy does not make me jealous (ok, a little on the size -5 part, but definitely not on the sugar daddy bit). She owns at least 4 Louis Vitton handbags. One is from this spring's collection and I'm pretty sure it's not a fake because Tulsa's market for fakes is a lot closer to nil then Houstons (I miss Harwin Street). She also has a massively fugly pair of Choos. Ordinarily, I wouldn't even notice brands, but God love the forced subscription to Allure and the guily pleasure of US Weekly that I spend company time reading. I read a magazine, came across the massively fugly Choos and the image was forever seared in my brain. And then I saw them in class. Now, to you Houstonians, Jerseys, and Californians, seeing L.V. (and OWNING LV, Cici) is no big deal. You're used to seeing richer or rich-looking-but-in-debt-to-their-eyeballs people with nicer things around, at least more than I am here in Tulsa. But...I'm nearly positive you can't find Choos in Tulsa.
Anywho, Kim and I were in line at the bathroom and I told her I liked her slacks. They had a neat connecting piece of material that went from butt cheeck to cheek only really high and had buttons. There's probably a more technical name for this, but I'm going to call it butt connector. Her reply wasn't the generally acceptable "Thank you." Her reply was, "They cost $160 but I had to take them in because they were SO huge because they're a size FOUR!" Bitch. I'll bet SHE isn't making an A in crap financial acconting.

On to happier, non girlfight-worthy things. I started watching a movie last night and my ever faithful dog sat on my lap. I leaned over get some kisses from her and she started licking my face like crazy. She never really does this. But it tickled and so I started laughing hysterically. So, this goes on for LITERALLY 20 minutes and at the end of that 20 minutes I get a knock on my door from the neighbor across from me asking if I was ok. Becuase I was laughing like a psychopath for 20 minutes and I just gained like 2 pounds of ab muslce? Yeah, I'm fine. :) Nevermind the fact that at one point there was a couple in my apartment yelling & throwing things at each other to the point where I had the phone picked up ready call the cops. No one ever checked on me then, but they have to disrupt a pleasurable lauging fit.


Southern Chaos said...

Yeah, she's a bitch. That's okay, those are the people that end up alone, and with cats that they carry around in those LV bags. If not, then atleast it makes me feel better for the time being.

Mags said...

I think outside of major metropolitan areas like LA, NY, and maybe a few others, you have to order your Choos from a catalog. Although, if you want some and refuse to spend a car payment on shoes, I've seen a few pairs on eBay for like $100 or under.