Thursday, March 17, 2005

Oops (Part 1)

My thoughts after I threw away the business card. "What are the odds I'd ever seen him again anyway?"

Yet the tap tap on the shoulder this morning at QT and the ensuing puppy dog face hit me like a ton 'o bricks. Then I sort of stopped breathing, realizing who it was, and my mouth dropped opened a little. Oops...

And as if it couldn't get any more embarrasing, this is what he said:

"Was I just not cute enough, are you seeing someone else, or was that just a little too strong for you?"

Umm...I...ummmm...mouth opening wider but no words coming out...furrows forming on the brows, look of worry, shoulder shurgging

"If it's none of those, what is it?"


"Not anymore by the look on your face as you came in. Well, I'm persistent, so I'm going to try again."

My thoughts after this morning: "Apparently pretty damn good odds even considering that on my route to work there are 4 Quik Trips and I rarely go to the same one, we probably go to work at the same time, and I get a cappucino only 1-2 times/week, sometimes less."


bearkat said...

I know I said the guy was trying to impress with his job, but I am a big believer in fate putting us in certain situations for a reason.
If you see someone once it is a coincidence, twice you better talk to them, because there is a reason you keep running into them. Now it could be that you just like QT coffee and that is it, but who knows.

Rachel said...

Yeah, I'm not really sure that I believe in the whole fate thing, but it's certainly interesting. And if I were a big fate believer, I would ask why must I see people that I want to think highly of me only when I look and feel icky? Like running into your nemesis from high school or an ex or something. Thank Fate the ex thing hasn't happened yet, though. But I'm sure it will...and only when I look like crap. :)