Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Cake the Mascara

M was here Saturday night after watching a play in which a fellow Glenpool graduate was starring. Since we were on our way to a bar* to meet a guy for her, she decided to put on some makeup and fix her hair. Reasonable thing to do. Except she used my makeup. It's something that I can let a person do, but I just have to not think about it. Sharing makeup is sort of like sharing toothbrushes to me. Just eww! Well, with the exception of lipstick/gloss. Otherwise, ewww! IF you are going to use my makeup and not tell me about, could you please at least leave it in the state it was when you found it? I went to put on mascara for my date Sunday night and somehow my dry mascara became almost like baby oil. I had NO idea how this transformation took place. Turns out, M put water in my waterproof mascara. Yes, it made it last longer, but now it's all gooky and makes my lashes stick together and frankly I look like a clown with 12 inch eyelashes now.

*I can count the number of times I've been in a bar on my toes. We never made it to the bar but instead spend a majority of the night with people we didn't know playing board games. I laughed; she did not. I had a much better time meeting new people and playing games than I would have at a bar.


ET said...

I agree...bars are overrated. Now, how is it "icky" to share general makeup with someone but NOT icky to share lipgloss/lipstick? I would think that would be worse. Also, the mascara thing is tough. You can get eye infections and such like...but if you know the person and they are not having eye issues, you are probably safe. I have shared makeup with my sisters in the past, particularly at D's wedding where I had lots of "cool" makeup stuff. As it is, there is only ONE mascara in the free world that I can wear that doesn't make me look like a clown with 12" lashes (even without water added) and that's Prescriptives Plush (at about $18 a pop). I have tried other lines, samples, makeovers (at Sak's no less), but I end up looking like Tammy Faye or someone who should go by "Spike." This makes me sad, because Smashbox came out with a fabulous eyelash primer and mascara which I absolutely cannot use, despite the fact that I have three of each (they were included in kits). So "Plush" it is.

Chris A said...

Okay, next time that I take your makeup, I promise to but it back just the way I found it.

Wait, Tell you what. Then next time I DO take your makeup. Just kick me in the balls and say. "Stop that you silly silly man. This is for women only!"