Tuesday, April 12, 2005


At Mon Apr 11, 08:03:59 PM CDT, ET said... Great...according to your criteria now we're not even friends?! "Essentially all are married and under 30." Hmmph. I am hurt.

...(I think he means YAY)"

All I'm saying is that MOST of my friends are under the age of 30 and married. It was a generalization. Really most of my group of friends are under 25 and married. Read that more as "everyone and their dog is trying to force me into marrying someone I'm not supposed to marry" or "my friends have unwarranted pity parties for me."
Chris could have even meant yea?
I'm at home sick today. No, not a mental health holiday. I really am sick. I can't even remember the last time I was genuinely sick. I usually stay home when I have a bad case on insomnia that induces sickness on me, but this time I have a fever and my throat hurts hella bad. And I don't have tonsils, so there's my oddity for the day. Let's see...got a flu shot in October, then the times I went to the doctor before that were for annuals. And before that I don't know. I don't even own a thermometer. I have no idea how that happened. I woke up today at 11:45 with Shelby IN my shirt. But I didn't realize what it was at first. I just knew I rolled over and had a 6 pound tumor on my back that didn't want to come out of the shirt. It was kind of funny for the brief moment I didn't realize what it was. "Holy moly, what grew on me during the night!? Oh, a dog. Whew! Thought I was really screwed there for a moment."

I'm super stoked about the upcoming season of Penn & Teller: B.S. Official site. It's basically a show where the famous Penn & Teller discuss debated, generally non-political issues. Just look at the list and you'll see what I mean. They present their arguements/evidence in a crass, no b.s. way that is hilarious. It's been an addictive watch for me. And while I think that they provide some interesting viewpoints, I'm fully aware of the fact that it's a TV show. So, no I don't base my opinions on everything they say, but it at least gives me someting to think about if I want to pursue the issues further. The only one so far that really caught me off guard was the one about recycling. I really really really wanted to believe recycling was a happy thing to do until I watched this. Now I'm not so sure. But, I'm a non-recycler anyway, so nothing doing there. Well, this season should be really great because there are a couple of episodes already on the list that I think I might have issues with. For instance, the Family Values episode: they're really going to have to do some hard research and fast magic tricks to convince me that a child growing up without BOTH mommy & daddy turns out ok as an adult. And the circumsicion one: who cares if it's bad for the guy, etc. (I don't really think this but just sayin'), they just look much better with it DONE! Err...and my only knowledge of this is from textbooks, Daddy and aunt Becky. :)

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ET said...

OH...so NOW you want to be friends again. er...I mean "YAY...we're still friends!" Heh heh. As a person who got married in her early 20s AND at 30, I must weigh in here with the "wait for 30" argument. You change SO much during your 20s (and come on, you're still Daddy's little girl right now) that you don't really have a good idea of how exactly you will turn out and, hence, what you want in a man. Sure, some people hit the jackpot right out of the gate, but don't kid yourself. When I went back to school my (first) husband freaked out and then started accusing me of sleeping with all of HIS friends. He is on marriage #3 right now, and he is a moron. I was a moron for marrying him. I thought as long as he was a nice guy and didn't HIT people (after putting my previous boyfriend in PRISON for hitting people, namely me) all would be well. And he is a nice guy. But dumb as a bag of hammers. What the hell was I thinking? Anyway, moral here is wait until you find Mr. Right...not Mr. Right Now. He'll turn up eventually. Have fun, live it up, then you can marry and become a hermit like me. J/K...I'm not really a hermit. Oh, and if you need a recommendation for someone who does "Shelby removals" just say the word. LOL. That's hilarious! IN your shirt. I can just imagine those first few moments...