Monday, April 11, 2005

Our anniversary

"ET said...
...In fact, my neighbors keep asking me if I am sure I'm not really a lesbian (just because I have a really cool tool bag that generally sits in my living room)
....NO Sunday Penis Parade! I thought we had established that I need more penis on Sunday...what gives?"

I believe the term is lipstick lesbian, and the S.P.P. will be continued next Sunday. I'm "extending the pleasure." And I thought the coffee table was a little more timely. And, if you look really hard maybe you might be able to see a penis in the coffee table picture. I don't, but you're the one wantin' more here.

chris a said...
lift the lid of the large box. What is the name of the maker? should be a stamp right under the lid. Look for any numbers too. And are they the same on both boxes. Looks to me that they where made at the same place, but then again all I am seeing is pictures.

Geee, most the time im bloging around to make jokes, but today you have hit on somthing I know a little about. haha"
No name or numbers to be found on the trunks. Unless it's on the bottom or someplace obscure. And whadda ya mean "blogging around"? I thought I was the only one, Chris!!! Now I just feel cheap and used. :)

It's officially been exactly one year since I've been graced with Shelby. She's finally getting to the point of being able to hold the tennis ball in her mouth so she can fetch an object bouncing off walls. This amuses me a lot. About two months after getting Shelby, I had serious doubts as to whether I could spend 14 years with her. And that I didn't feel like I was bonding as much as I should/wanted to. Kavon said, "Let me know what you think in a year; I think you'll be inseparable." You were absolutely correct! The training helped out a whole lot! This is what she looked like the week before I got her (she's the bigger one):

I was talking with a married Houston friend two weeks ago and she made said to me, "Can you imagine how different your life would be if you had made a different decision this time last year? I mean, you could be married right now with a baby on the way. Just think, that might have been your only chance."
I didn't even know how to respond do that except to say, "Yeah, and I know I would have been completely miserable and I'm quite sure the a much better opportunity will present itself and if not, then I'll be perfectly happy with that, too." My friends (who are essentially all married and under 30) don't really understand this concept. But it brings me to a much larger issues that I generally don't dwell on.
What would it have been like if...
  • I had chose to go to a "real" college, like OU or OSU?
  • decided my freshman year that I probably shouldn't get into teaching?
  • actually had the nerve to apply to UNLV's Ph.D. program? I came so close...I might grow the balls one day
  • went to the "real" college and never met the people I met at NSU and ECU?
  • decided to not come back to Tulsa but instead room with a guy from named Pradhan and waitressed until I took the GRE's and applied the OU/OSU's graduate studies program?
  • chose to take the 7th grade science teaching position in Wills Point, TX, instead of the crappy 3rd grade position I got at SBISD?
  • never moved to Houston and met Rodolfo, Wendy D, Belinda, Wendy T., Wendy H., or Cecilia? or GASP, never got my dog?
  • actually stayed with my loser high school sweetheart?
  • decided to get a teaching position in Vegas?
Do I regret anything? Really just 1 and 3, but I gained many other things because I chose not to do those things, too. At least for now. Maybe one day I'll get the nerve to go back and really have no what ifs. What I do know about my life now is that I am happy and stress-free. And that's generally all that matters, right?
Stress-free except: how do I get Shelby to stop barking at people on the trail? I'm pretty amazed at myself for the things I've taught her how to do, but that one really bugs me.


Southern Chaos said...

ECU, as in East Carolina?

ET said...

Great...according to your criteria now we're not even friends?! "Essentially all are married and under 30." Hmmph. I am hurt. And yes, according to the "people who know" (a group in which you are apparently included - not sure what that means!), I would be a lipstick lesbian. IF I were a lesbian. But as we can all see from you post, I am a fan of the penis. And as MSA says in his response, "Yeah (I think he means YAY) for the penis!"

Chris A said...

You know, you mean more to me then all the other blogs out there. Yout the only one that I REALLY care about. The other ones; they mean nothing to me. Nothing I tell you Nothing!