Sunday, April 10, 2005

Coffee table switch

This is the coffee table that Kim gave me in May 2003. She sold it to me for $35.

It got sold for $10 at my parents' garage sale yesterday. Amy says of this coffee table: "Rachel it is absolultely HIDEOUS and looks like cheesy 80s stuff!" Well, it was only $35 and it has served as a great footrest in Tulsa and TV/stereo stand in Houston. My parents are buying all new furniture throughout the whole house. So, they gave me an old coffee table/trunk and an end table thingy:

Now, I know they're not perfect, but they're at least a step up, right? And they were f-r-e-e; I dig that a LOT! Where's Amy to tell me how to sand and stain it, though? Rachel could use a lot of help in that arena, too. Toe polish and stain knowledge just aren't the same thing.


ET said...

Toe polish and staining may not be the same thing, but I know about both! (I have to out of self defense...clearly my builder can't seem to get anything fixed RIGHT, so I have to just do it myself!) I am damn handy! In fact, my neighbors keep asking me if I am sure I'm not really a lesbian (just because I have a really cool tool bag that generally sits in my living room).'s not all about the diamond. It's also about the 18v contractor-grade cordless drill. Ahhhhhhhh. The do-it-yourself girlie girl. AND I put my own spiders outside. This is most definitely a step up, Rachel. The wooden trunk thingies are quite in, although I am not keen on the matchy-matchy coffee and end tables...but it's a start.

I do have one complaint. I just read LT's post with all of the Freudian references, now I am visit your site and NO Sunday Penis Parade! I thought we had established that I need more penis on Sunday...what gives? Hahahahahahaha...

chris a said...

I think the new "pine" trunks that you have are nice. Or how ET put it "The wooden trunk thingies...".
They are a lot better then the flash back veneer finish table.

I really like the DoveTail Joints. That could mean professional work here. I dont think you want to sand and stain those just yet. You could ruin them. If they are worth anything.

lift the lid of the large box. What is the name of the maker? should be a stamp right under the lid. Look for any numbers too. And are they the same on both boxes. Looks to me that they where made at the same place, but then again all I am seeing is pictures.

Geee, most the time im bloging around to make jokes, but today you have hit on somthing I know a little about. haha

Oh yeah, to the "do-it-yourself girlie girl". It dont make you a lesbian. It just makes you bi! No No, just kidding. I do think is very cool that your a lesbian...haha I ment a do-it-yourself girlie girl. Next time just step on that spider!

ET said...

I think it is bad luck to step on a spider. Anyway, they eat a bunch of nuisance insects, so they are good in my book unless they bite me or are as big as my hand! We had one like that...maybe I will post the pic on my blog (New York State of Mind). Bi for now, "The do-it-yourself girlie girl."

chris a said...

Yeah, stepping on spiders is a guy thing I guess. ;)

bi for now [big smile]

Thats classic, very funny!

ET said...

Chris: wait wait wait! Okay, a lesbian is the sort of equivalent of a guy, right? So IF I am a lesbian (and we've already established that I'm not), then I would step on spiders BECAUSE it's a guy thing. Follow my logic here? Anyway, it is clear from your post that the mere mention of "bi" or "lesbian" brings a big smile to the guys' faces. = )

Chris A said...

Okay, I follow you. Lets just say for the record that ET is not bi or lesbian. So all you spiders out there have someone on your side! You all know where to go.

Moving on...haha

Yes, to most me men, bring up the words bi or lesbian in a conversation will stir up some smiles and smirks. In this case I though it very clever of you to say "bi for now". And that made me smile, but to be honest I dont get a kick out of lesbian (that much) for the simple fact that they dont want me... There lesbians!

As far as bi goes. Well if im with a woman that wants to bring in another women and I am serious or think things are serious. Well, then im not going to be to happy about her wanting to bring in another. Call me old fashion I guess.

On another note. If it wasnt serious or if the two lesbians where right in front of me wanting me to watch. Well, what can I say... IM A GUY! Ofcorse im going to join/watch.