Saturday, April 09, 2005

Labeeb M

Chris, you could TOTALLY write cheesy dance music that I would love. I was thinking the Labeeb M would be like some kind of rap scat stuff in the background, but you made it work in your own way. The lyrics are far more poignant than other songs...let's see... Shiny Disco Balls by Who Da Funk (which I love; hear a crappy clip here), Barbie Girl (which I loved at the TIME, but despise now), and anything by Fun Factory, or Bucci Bag by Andrea Doria (which I also adore!).

And yes, ET, he did. Hunting him down is not needed, though. I'm sure the mainly mental hell he is in is far worse than the wrath of you. And if memory serves me correctly, it was at like 3 am in the parking lot of a Med-X, also typical. Given the circumstances, I doubt he would even remember. Drugs be bad, even those with a prescription.


Chris A said...

You play that funky music white girl!

I am a music junkie. I am the only person I know that can listen to Korn and then put in Paul Simon. Or, go from The Rolling Stones to The Refreshments. Even funnier, going from type-o negative to Frank Sinatra. Hey, sometimes the mood just changes. Music, its all about to mood.

Three thousand song downloads later and I dont have one country song. This is the only form of music that I just cant get into. And Im a openminded person.

Living in a red state in the south. Lots of people thinks that you listen to country, date your sister and vote republican.
Stereotypes, ugh!

If you want hear one of the lyrical geniuses of our time you have to listen to Ben Kweller. Once in a punk band called Radish. He went out on his own to express himself. Alternating between piano and guitar this guy is awesome.

"nothing isn't nothing, nothing's something that's important to me."

-Ben Kweller

ET said...

I don't know, Rachel...the "wrath of me" tends to be pretty bad. But given the general weirdness that surrounds that whole household, I think things are pretty f*%&ed up. But I am sorry that he did that to you...I never heard about that. What did Ivana Trump say? Living well is the best revenge? We both have our careers...he never got his. He can't even live without his mom and a constant babysitter. Hell, he couldn't hack a semester away at college. That has to be a sad life. I'd say you won.