Monday, April 04, 2005

Dentist & the family

I went to get my 6 month teeth scraping today. I go to the dentist that is in my hometown even though it's like a 12 mile drive. I just like the guy so much. He's very gentle. But there's a few things that annoying me a LOT about the place. Starting with the hygenist wanting to chitty chat with me DURING the scraping part. Everytime I go in there, she immediately says, "How's that mini pin doing?" Ugh, if you're going to use the shortened version of the breed of my dog, the generally accepted term is MIN pin NOT MINI pin. Before the dog, it was "so, when you graduating from college?" Now, I know that she sees all of my family there (parents & two brothers) but I KNOW that there's no way she can remember intricate details like my dog's name from only seeing me twice a year. Or the fact that I taught in Houston for year and didn't see her during that time (and umm...didn't have my teeth cleaned for a year, either. hee hee) So this means she probably writes down this information on my chart. It's how she knows I want bubble gum flavoured polishing sandpaper stuff instead of the mint ick. And there's never enough time to snoop through my chart when my X-rays are being taken. But it makes me wonder what kind of subjective stuff could be on there. "likes to close her eyes throughout the whole procedure" or "always manages to kick the tray of equipment as she get up." Just please clean my teeth and don't make me laugh while that pokey thing is between my tooth and gum!

But then the really uncomfortable part comes. The dentist comes in and the first thing he says to me is either
"How is your dad?" (great, but you realize I'm not my dad, right? and that I don't live with him, right? It says it in my chart)
"I can't believe how much you look like your family?" (yeah, that's what generally happens when people combine genes, ya know; I would be worried if I looked nothing like any of the four of them),

or the ultimate in humiliation, "So you're STILL not going back to teaching?" As if to say, "I knew since I was in the womb I wanted to stick my hands in people's mouths, and YOU couldn't figure out that teaching wasn't for you before you wasted your dad's/the state's money?" ok ok, I made a big mistake by majoring in education and yes, I sort of kind of knew it when I was IN college. But not until 3 ½ years into it! OK FINE MR. DENTIST! But wow, you are great with your cavity filling skillz and you have such a soothing voice. I can't not go to him. Especially after the time I cheated on my densit and got something filled that I'm pretty sure was done just to get insurance money. Or at least I think that's what the hygenist said.


ET said...

Well Rachel, at least you didn't spend over $100K on law school, the Bar (that's the legal kind, I didn't spend that much AT a bar), Bar Review, etc. only to know that you hate being a lawyer. And did I mention now that things are slow and I am making not-so-much money, my boss has decided that he wants to cut my hourly salary by 20%?

Giselle said...

I think it's fine you don't want to be a teacher. I also think it's fine that you studied to be a teacher and then decided you didn't want to be a teacher anymore.

Life is way too short and you should have a job that you at least don't hate. So I give you props for leaving the world of teaching and moving on to funner things - like accounting. :)